When you click the ‘Book Now’ button you will go to the pop-up
window where you will see the ‘select service’and the Login / Register or Next

If you are a ‘new client’ (i.e. not on our database) please register with your details andenter the code
(NB case sensitive) found to the right of the ‘Code’ box to obtain a security password via SMS on your phone.

If you are an existing client, you will ‘Login’ using your mobile phone number on file & your password.
If you have lost your password, you can click ‘Forgotten Password’ or if you have not yet used our Online
Booking you may choose ‘I don’t have a password’ In both cases, enter the code (NB case sensitive)
which is found to the right of the ‘Code’ box to receive your password via SMS for you to Login.

We recommend you then change your password to something you can remember so you
can easily use the login processnext time. Please also note that you only get
3 login attempts before the salon needs to reset your password.


You can log in before or after making your online appointment selection to confirm it.. Select the Category,
service & and your preferred employee (or ‘Any Employee’) you want and click ‘Next’

This will take you to the Calendar (arrow at top to change months) and then the time you want
(note that unavailable times will be greyed out), then click ‘Next’

Then choose the category & service and your preferred employee (or ‘Any Employee’)
then select ‘Next’ to read & tick ‘I Agree’ to the ‘Online Booking Agreement’ & press ‘Book’

You should then get a SMS confirmation and we look forward to seeing you then….

Don’t forget our cancellation policy and any problems call ……….

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